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ATLY CREW is modern knitwear  for the modern child where style is driven not by trend, but by an instinctive love for timeless design and textural detail


Inspired by watching my boys grow, my guiding principle behind ATLY CREW is the philosophy of letting kids be Kind, Curious and Confident. Stepping away from the prevalent gendered motifs, commercial cartoon characters and loud slogans in kids apparel,
ATLY CREW designs aim to be distinctive, gender neutral and thoughtful.

We do not believe in boxing kids in, rather we hope to breed freedom of mind through freedom of movement.We want to make clothes kids want. Jumpers that kids choose to wear, jumpers that will be kept on and not torn off. That’s why we are passionate about creating quality, comfortable, modern classic.


Beautiful yarns are the heart of our jumpers. Which is why to be timeless yet modern, we focus on using only high-quality natural yarns.
We have chosen to use premium materials with trans-seasonal qualities:  Australian Merino Wool -a true superhero of yarns, combed cotton and a wool/cotton blend with a touch of cashmere bliss. Careful choosing of these materials have enabled us to produce quality jumpers that are  Resilient, Breathable and Soft.
We are well aware of the increasing stress placed upon our world’s natural resources from all industries, including the apparel world. In our bid to be conscious in our own consumption, we decided to rethink and reduce.
Where available, our jumpers are made from surplus yarn sourced from other manufacturers. Our aim is to not add to the strain on our environmental resources and minimize wastage. We rely on our creativity to design and develop jumpers from what materials and colours that would otherwise be left to waste by others. All of our jumpers are fully fashioned knitwear, meaning all the pieces are knitted into shape and no cut-off wastage is produced during the manufacturing process..


We hope our jumpers will be adored, loved and shared. We hope kids feel the same warmth, care and passion we feel for each jumper we make. We hope each jumper feels like a  heartfelt hug to your loved ones. 

We understand there are many considerations when buying kids clothing. Each parent and kid’s needs and expectations are different. We cannot offer the vast range nor flexibility that other major brands have. However, we can offer you the confidence in knowing that you have bought a sleek, stylish, dependable product.

Because. Quality. Counts. 

From Our Crew to Yours.