Merino Wool is an amazing yarn that makes for a great yarn choice for children. It has a number of qualities that makes it the perfect choice for us at ATLY CREW to use for our wool jumpers.
For our 100% Merino Wool Jumpers, we choose to use Super Fine Merino Wool variant.  At 19.5 Microns it has great softness, smoothness and handle, suitable for the little one’s skin.  
It is a 100% homegrown Australian Wool, which is resilient and adaptable. Just like a true Aussie battler, it is a superhero yarn that keeps our children covered and protected.
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Our top reasons why we LOVE Merino Wool



SUPER NATURAL: Natural and Renewable yarn 
SUPER KIND: Biodegradable 
SUPER POWER: Adaptable to hot and cold temperatures
SUPER PROTECT: Stain and Odour resistant. Sun safe. Flame resistant
SUPER STRONG: Flexible and Durable 
SUPER EASY: Machine washable in wool program

Wool Care

With wool’s natural ability to resist odour and stain, jumpers do not require much laundering. Airing out the garments regularly will extend time between washes which is great for our wash load and great for the environment.
Our jumpers are machine washable: simply turn the jumpers inside out, place in a delicates bag and wash under the wool program with a wool detergent at 30 degrees. Air dry flat.
Folding your jumpers and storing them flat will help garments retain their shape and prevent stretching.
There is often a misconception around pilling. Pilling occurs naturally in yarns where shorter fibres move to the surface as a result of the yarn friction. Pilling occurs in all yarns including premium yarns (such as cashmere)and should not be used to solely judge the quality of the yarn. Common areas where pilling occurs are found in high friction places around the elbow, underarms, sleeves and belly. 
As children are active, and friction between garment and surfaces are expected to happen frequently, you can easily and effectively remove the pills with either a pilling comb or pilling (fabric) shavers. Both are quick and inexpensive ways to remove the pills and maintain any wool jumper, giving your beloved wool jumpers a longer life.